Hello Folks, 

Hope your new year has gotten off to a great start. Ours surely has, I have been working on editing the interviews shot while filming Back Bay. if you have not seen here it is.

If you have seen Back Bay then you know we had some great folks giving their insight on the Largemouth Bass fishery there. I have taken these interviews and made extended versions. So now you can see everything they said about Back Bay. Ill release one each month leading up to my final interview with the late Lefty Kreh. The first is with VDGIF fisheries biologist Chad Boyce. I've known Chad for decades and even worked with him at VMRC. He has some great insight and has done some great work on Back Bay. So enjoy the interview and we will be working on getting Walt Cary's interview up in February.  Here is Chad's extended interview. Thanks for viewing.