It's bittersweet that I have to make this blog, but sometimes the winds do not blow in your intended direction. As you know I made some big changes to my career and my life. After a few months I determined that that new direction was just not for me. Plain and simple, I was not cut out for the tides and tribulations of a production based job. And that's it in a nutshell.

Fortunately, I saw this coming and set the wheels rolling. I am happy to say that I re-applied and was rehired for my position at VADEQ. Now as for ROA, the plan is to keep making outdoor content and providing one-on-one fly-fishing and kayak fishing instruction.

Oh and we have also added a new filming platform to our livery, a 2014 Cast and Blast 17cc. She is getting a bit of love and an eventual repower. Stay tuned we will have more about the skiff project.

Stay Tuned.